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9 Race Tick Sheet
10 Race Tick Sheet
15 Race Tick Sheet
20 Race Tick Sheet
30 Race Tick Sheet
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12 Race Jackpot
Tote Tickets 
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Predictor Sheet Race Sheet A5
New Dual Race & Data Sheet
New Dual Data Sheet
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All sheets are priced at £3.50 and are provided as a PDF download
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Opposite are sheets that you can purchase and add to your next race night. We make our race kproducts available as part of a kit or available on their own, so that should you wish to add a different sheet to your events you can do, each kit means that you can tailor your event to suit a differnt mood or place that you are running it.

For example if you are running a fun event or wishing to raise funds for say a Residential Home chances are you wont want the full on race night experience full of authenticity with betting slips and race form. So a better option would be to go for a 'tick sheet'. These can be completed by anyone and opperate much like a lucky dip or lottery style layout. No skill is required at all and the out come of your event can change throughout the evening as points are awarded for the chosen dogs finishing position.

You may feel that for your first race night event you would rather not dabble into any betting at all but rather raise funds by selling dogs names and race sponsorship before the event to friends, local business and member of the community [who may well be attending your event if it is in a local pub] you can also charge a small entrance fee to get in but then all the evenings entertainment is played out for fun - maybe a raffle for the top 3 with the highest points, the Tipster sheets are the best option for this type of event. If this is a way in wich you feel you could run your first event then you could still raise upwards of £400 selling dogs names, adverts and admission etc..

All the sheets on this page are set to the same price of £3.50 and you will be provided with a master copy that you print off yourself and can take to the copyshop to have as many copies done as you wish. Don't worry if you dont have a printer or its not up to scratch simply take the file on a memory card, usb memory stick, drop it on a CD and the copy shop will be able to print the file for you. the files are supplied in Adobe PDF format and are full colour.The Race Night Centre have been making Greyhound Race Night Entertainment for the past 8 years. We are probably the only company who own our race footage and as such you will not find our products re-branded and on sale anywhere else than on our website and on our eBay listing.

We started creating Greyhound Race Night Videos way back in the day :) for local groups who wanted something a little different to use for fund raising events. Word soon got round about our Race Night DVDs from people that attended the events that we decided to offer them for sale commercially. Now with the humble DVD player being as cheap as they are we have for the past 8 years been producing all our new kits on DVD format.

Race Night Centre focus on you being able to raise as much money as possible for your good casue and as a result we have priced our products within reach of every person wishing to raise cash for what ever reason.

We are constantly listening to your feedback and our latest sheets are a combination of feed back we receive. A new set of fun money that can be used with any of our kits has been added to our kit extras. Comprising of 6 sheets of different denominations for 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 units our novelty euro style cash will add that little bit extra to your events. You can print off as much cash as you need. Provided as a 6 page pdf.

If you would like to have your cash personalised with your own oganisations name on this can also be done, price options are indicated.



Firstly we have produced a combined race sheet along with simple data sheet that you can easily keep a tab of the individuals and also the local companies that have sponsored trap numbers and also the individual races. The sheet also gives you space to detail your events fund raising information at the top so that when you do approach people for sponsorship they can see clearly what you are raising funds for. To the right of the sheet you have a larger race sheet that you can write down any dogs names that your sponsors have chosen to give the dogs. This is ideal if you are offering some personalised commentary during your event.

The second the sheets is just the data sheet for those of you who just require to keep a record of the race sponsorships. Both sheets have been designed on an A4 sheet so the individual pages are therefor A5 in size. The race sheet as shown above is also available on its own as a single A4 sheet or an A4 sheet with 2 A5 race sheets on. Please see purchase options below.

Tote Tickets & Programs for a More Authentic Event

At the race night centre we appreciate that for most poeple who are running a race night event it is because they are trying to raise funds for a good cause, as a result they are just looking for the easiest way of running an event that will appeal to the majority if not all of their attending guests. In these cases betting is eliminated in favour of ticket sales to keep payouts and monies easier to manage.

However, for some poeple who have experience of the betting structure and want to offer a more realistic feel to their events we have a range of race cards and tote tickets available. These events are generally held for entertainment purposes rather than fund raising, and in most cases these are events are held in pubs and clubs both in the UK and various foreign holiday destinations.

There are 3 types of tote tickets available  - WIN / EACH WAY / LAY. These tickets are available in selected kits and are also available as individual downloads as shown on the section opposite. Each ticket includes information about how each bet system works.

Each set of tote tickets features all trap options for the full amount of races included in the kit. For example sheet 1 will all say race 1 and on the individual tickets state WIN 1, WIN 2, WIN 3 etc etc. You can print out as many tickets as you wish to sell per race.

Tote tickets are a new product for us and in the past something that we thought would not be of interest to people running fund raising events. However, the increasing amount of requests for tote tickets has prompted us to make them available. You can buy tote tickets for horse racing online but not for greyhound racing. The cost of commercial printing is expensive - these tickets are something which we know can be printed at home on good quality card for less than commerically bought tickets. Hence we have made tote ticket masters available for you to print as many as you require at home. 

If you want to run an all out authentic event then we can even help with the production of a race night progam for your event. Details are as follows.. The race program is available for this product and is available in several options. All adverts will be professionally designed by us using any images and text info you supply.

Basic - Featuring races with runners, space left for you to fill with adverts and the fund raising details and date and is £10.00 extra

Standard - As above but adverts, date and organisation added for you using images and information you supply and is £25.00 extra

Full - as option 2 but with the opportunity to include as many adverts as you wish. Please remember your printing costs will increase the more pages you include. This is dependent on how many adverts you wish to include but a standard program produced in the past has contained 12 a4 double sided pages and would be £40.00 extra.

Note - all text images and other informaton must be supplied by you. Our service will be the design and inclusion of your advert. Full details available shortly

One of our newest sheet additions is the Lucky 1 - 2 Predictor sheet. This is a sheet that anyone that attends your event can play along with, without getting involved in any betting - much the same way as the lucky pick and jackpot sheets.

The sheet consists of 30 squares that hold 2 numbers, which correspond to all eventualities of order for the 1st and 2nd place winners in a race. The individual squares are sold by you for a set price say £5 and the person who's dogs finish in the order of a square will win the designated prize. a standard division for the prize is to keep it in line with the rest of your evening and in most instances is 50 -50 (cause - prize fund).

Like the tick, jackpot & tipster sheets these sheets prove very popular amongst the older guests as they can enjoy participating in your event without feeling they need to know anything about betting.