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In Race Advertising

  • Our low cost race night fund raising products are very popular with a wide range of fund raisers - from smalll community clubs to large businesses and organisations.

    We have decided to extend our opportunities for anyone wishing to advertise their business or service to a wider audience. This will be through the option of advertising on a selection of races that will be made available to customers purchasing kits.

    Advertising willl be available from the beginning of April 2011 and will  come in 3 options. Your advert will be placed at the front and end of the race event.

  • Advertising Race Sample

  • Option 1 - £25.00

    Races purchased in option 1 will be given away as a 'free download' to everyone purchasing content from our download only section of £10 and over .

  • Option 2 - £50.00

    Race advertising purchased here will be available to everyone who purchases any downloadable kits from out site, either dedicated downloads or download versions of our DVDs.

  • Option 3 - £100.00

    Advertising in this option will have your advert features in 8 races. 1 race will be featured in the option above and the other 7 races will be available as a dedicated kit that will be available for £3.


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Web Design

  • Low cost web design can be something of a gamble - are you going to get the best service or fall into the trap of "you get what you pay for".

  • Maybe you have been thinking of getting a website for your club or business for a while but your lack of knowledge and the worry of not knowing what you are actually paying for has kept your online venture at bay.?

  • We offer you a simple, effective and affordable design service that will totally meet your business needs. The most important thing to remember is that we will never try to sell you something you do not need or will not be of any benefit to your business.

  • This offer is available to anyone visiting this website, the price shown is exclusive to this site and is an offer independent from our main design site.

    What Do You Get

    Each site offered comes with enough space for you to include pictures and text to detail your services or products across a varied range of pages, with upto 10 pages including company contact pages we are sure that you will have more than enough space to include all your data.

    10 Page website

    Logo and colour scheme integration

    Cutomer contact page

    Images and text inclusion as needed

    1yr web hosting

    2yr domain regestration

    Integrated email & email forwarding

  • £150.00

    The web design offer on this page are totally independent to any offers on our web design site.


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