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  • You have reached the home of the Race Night Centre a one stop place where you can purchase a wide range of Greyhound racenight products for fund raising or entertainment.

    Pioneering the instant download for Race Night Entertainment over 6yr ago we can offer you the largest selection of races you can now get access to over 280 individual races instantly day or night.

    The Race Night Centre are the only place where you can run your race night or charity fund raising event within 5 minutes - and that includes paying for it..!!!

    The very best part of purchasing from the Race Night Centre is that we do not charge you any commission or take a % of any funds that your raise during your event.

  • Secure Payments
    All of our online payments are processed within a secure payment system.

    Inclusive Licencing

    Many customers purchase our kits for replay into establishments like pubs and clubs both in the UK and abroad. Normally you require a broadcast licence however ALL our products are licence free and you have complete freedom to broadcast wherever you choose.






New For 2018 - streaming, rental & new kits.

  • The beginning of 2018 saw a lot of planning and ideas being discussed to add new features and facilities to the site that will help maximise and refresh your race night events, whilst making it easier for you to access our products. Our customer base ranges from single use customers looking to run one event, multi access users who run events on a regular basis to business owners who incorporate race nights or a selection of races into their existing business.

    We are now in the process of rolling out our brand new Streaming products across the full range of kits starting with our most popular kits first. All streaming kits are available in the following options - Rental, Purchase video only & purchase with downloadable sheets. Prices are standard across the board with rentals being £3.52 /$4.99, Streaming Anytime Video £7.06 / $10.00 and for the full access anytime kit incluiding downloads £10.58 / $14.99. Due to the streaming delivery method and also customers access from a range of countries currency is in US Dollars $ for a standardized conversion into your own currency.

    Our new product range will not only provide everyone with a brand new set of products as we will be adding some of the kits that have not yet been available as a download ki, but are also adding some new kits that will be available befor Easter...

    We are also pleased to announce that we are also adding a 3 Subscription services the first of which will give you access to our complete range of products, additional offers will be available shoon and feature unbranded racing.


Direct download 24/7

You can access race night products 24/7 with fully automated delivery. Simply create an account, purchase your products and then access direct links via instructions sent immediately to your account.

Our streaming service is also fully automated and both payment processing services offer a secure checkout for your safety and security.

PLEASE NOTE : If you are new to downloading You can view details how to download your products from menu link  "Retreiving Your Order"

Race Video Previews

We have always tried to provide samples in the most compatible format however, with increase in data and network speeds we feel current previews do not reflect the overall quality of the races.

We are now replacing all of our old video previews will new and updated quality ones that are more suited to current network capabilities.YouTube previews with new format samples, these are still compressed but not as much.