Our Philosophy & Aims


We are a strong believer in that once you have paid for your purchases this should be the final price you pay. As a result all our prices are transparent, we dont add any hidden charges and you have the option to purchase our products in a range of different prices that suit your budget and needs.

The main thing that drives us to provide more products for your fund raising cause is once you have purchased any of our products  is that we do not take a % of your profits raised from your event, we aware that some companies do this and we are appauled by this, some comapnies also charge a high rental fee for products.

We have always steered away from rental of products becasue we feel that you have the option to raise more money if you have the products at hand to run an even in future. However, due to increasing demand for an option that you can use once we decided to create am ultra low cost version of our kits that you can rent and at £3.50 / $4.99 we are confident this is the lowest product you can find anywhere.

Where possible we will help and assit you with any questions and queries you may have about running your race night event

With Race Night options available from only £3.50 we are confident that our products offer very good value for money.

Our products are totally global, within a short period of time can be in use from anywhere in the world, via our race delivery service