Volume 22

This is a cut down version of Volume 21.

V22 features the same races as V21 with all the on screen pre-race sheets. The race data is acurate to the runners in the race - with the dogs real identity changed.

After the race a full race results screen is displayed clearly indicating the winner and also the full finishing order.

To compliment the kit you also get master sheets for you to print off for advertising your event, as well as race sheets to get your pre-event fund raising going. For your event you also get a lottery style sheet that you can sell (to riase funds). These sheets are ideal if you dont know anything about betting and just want to runa fun event whilst raising money for your good cause.

Download Options

9 Mixed distance races

Poster master
Race & data sheet master
Jackpot sheet master
Predictor sheet master

Race sheets, posters and programs for downloads are provided in PDF file format.

Sample Race Video & Included Sheet Images

Jackpot Sheet Race & Data